Let’s play like this…


…you take care of your stuff and I take care of my own business. I’ve been doing it for the last 24 years. So far, I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job. I could have done some things better. And I could have definitely NOT done certain things. But I’m doing ok. I am overage. Even my mom thinks I’m responsible. Yet, that is not freaking happening! YOU think you can deal with it better than me!

The way I see it, my life must be so fucking unbelievable for you to keep an eye on it! Either that or yours is so fucking lame that you spend most of your pathetic miserable time minding what the hell I’m doing. When I’m doing. Who I’m doing.

Here’s a tip: spend a little more time taking care of your life instead of mine may turn yours a little more interesting.


One Response to “Let’s play like this…”

  1. 1 gabrielouback

    and you’re drunk.

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