Who bought you cigarettes and bribed the company to come and see you, honey?*


Assim rola ingresso? Dammit!

Um fã de Radiohead, que não aceitou pagar a bagatela de R$200 por um ingresso do show que eles farão em São Paulo, escreveu uma carta-protesto e mandou para o The Independent e para o Mr. Yorke. Será que ele vai ganhar um ingresso?

Usar esse artifício para reclamar de um ingresso para algo ruim funciona? Vou mandar uma carta-protesto para a Paramount, com cópia para o senhor pai-da-Suri e para o Cinemark, pedindo meu dinheiro de volta. Já que as duas horas que perdi asistindo Vanilla Sky (a.k.a. worst movie ever) nem a Cientologia vai conseguir devolver, quero o dinheiro do ingresso! Eu falo como se tivesse assistido Vanilla Sky (a.k.a. boring!) essa semana. Mas alguém falou sobre isso comigo e fiquei com ele na cabeça. O pior é isso! Fiquei com ele na cabeça!

Dear All,

Radiohead for me is the most important band of my lifetime.

I admire and respect their art and the way they respond to the world around us. It is a sign of our times that will be marked for years and decades to come. I believe in what the band expresses because it is in tune with the reality of this desperate, chaotic world we are all part of. We need more voices like this.

Having said that I need to protest here.

The tickets for their gig in Brasil have sold out and they have charged them R$200 each. Brasil is a social unbalanced land. The minimum wage here is R$124 and if you make more than £400 you are part of a rich elite of 5% of country’s 160 million population.

When you charge this much for a ticket, you exclude the majority of the city population. And in my humble opinion, this is the one mistake that the IMF, world bank, corporations and so on do all the time: The advantage is on the minorities side. You culturally and socially segragate based on finantial status. (Let us remember that the majority of the world is poor and the minorities are the rich eli te)

I think there might be a million reasons why this is so expensive and how all the band members might not even know how the numbers add up to. But then again, you are all human beings and I believe I should try to reach out and ask you to create an alternative. Charging this much and excluding all the poor people here once again sends out the same message that’s been playing for years and decades.

Not at all what Radiohead would do. Everyone deserves to watch you lot play. Give them choice please.

With much respect from sunny and polluted São Paulo,


*Thinking about you, Radiohead


2 Responses to “Who bought you cigarettes and bribed the company to come and see you, honey?*”

  1. You have done it again! Incredible read.

  2. If only more than 69 people would hear this!

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